Ambassador Cards


The Project

Design a postcard-sized handout that ambassadors for Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence (BTS) can fill in with their information and pass along to prospective donors, volunteers, and survivor sisters. 

With over 60 volunteer ambassadors nationwide, the challenge was to create something that didn't require the expense or time of customizing and printing business cards for each person.


The Process

Our goal was to encapsulate the BTS experience as well as our most pertinent information in a clear and concise format that could be easily customized and handed out by ambassadors. 

To portray the beauty of the BTS community, we wanted to cover the front of the card in a collage of photos from different events and retreats.  With that, we needed the BTS logo to be clear and bold.

On the back, there was a specific set of information to include:

  • Helpline number

  • Social media links

  • Our mission statement

  • Space for ambassador name and phone number


Preliminary Sketch


The Result

The genuine smiles and diverse stories of everyone involved in our programs shine through the BTS-brand purple overlay on the cover of the card.

The flip-side of the card showcases our mission statement and displays our helpline number centered for clear viewing and quick reference. Down the left of the card, I placed all of our social media platforms and their corresponding links, with icons for visual appeal. Lastly, you'll find an area on the card for the ambassador to fill in their name and phone number so those they meet can easily get in touch.

These cards have been printed and will soon be shipped out to our networking volunteers, and any others who choose to utilize them!


Card Front

Card Back