Domestic Violence Statistics Social Media Campaign


The Project

Create a simple but impactful social media campaign to raise awareness of and provide information about domestic violence.


The Process

First, we needed to decide on our content angle. It seems that these days, users browsing platforms like Facebook and Instagram scroll through content rather swiftly. Because of this, it’s important that information that needs to be read is bite-sized and quickly consumable for the average fast-paced user. After considering this, we felt that the best solution for a high-impact / low-word-count ratio would be to use statistics. So, we gathered data and statistical snippets from different sources and created a collection of statements that we wanted to call out in our campaign.

After deciding on the content, I needed to create a frame for the statements that was vibrant to catch the scroller’s eye, but was also simple and sincere enough that the significance of the statistical statement still stood strong.

Utilizing a few of the great photos from our events and volunteers, I added these as the base-layer of the template for texture and emotion. The photo was then topped with a brand-purple overlay to ensure readability of the text, which would eventually be the final layer. Tying it all together like a ribbon is a frame I created that incorporates our logo, ensuring brand association and visual consistency.


Final Graphics


The Result

These poignant purple graphics proved to hit home with several hundred scrollers. These hauntingly real statistics are a sharp reminder of what it means to give my time to an organization like BTS. Using my skills to spread the word about Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence means I’m contributing to the conversation of domestic violence awareness and helping to expose all of its harsh truths to as many eyes as possible, one graphic at a time.