The Project

"Nevertheless She Persisted" is a phrase that stemmed from an attempt to silence, and subsequently a phrase that took on a voice of it's own. I had the empowering opportunity to collaborate with artist and designer MNimal of Hard Coast to create this awesome design and watch it come to life on the torsos of dozens of darling people - they sold out quick!


The Process

The challenge for this design was transforming my horizontally-dominant style into one that would compliment the shape of a t-shirt, and one that had no frame. Using geometric shapes, I produced a design that carried itself downward along the length of the torso, tapering in with the waist.

Once the shirts were printed, promotion ensued! The design was printed on 3 styles: women's tees & tanks, and men's tees. I got together with a photographer to capture the fit of the shirts, and created a few ads to run on Instagram and Facebook. 


The Result

The shirts sold quickly, and many who bought them shared photos - I was elated that I succeeded in creating something that people resonated with, and wanted to put on their bodies!