The Project

Redesign the website homepage to be more dynamic and user-friendly. 


The Process

First, I analyzed the current website to examine what appeared to be the four primary goals of a given user visiting the website. These primary users were determined to be an adult looking for one or more of the following:

  1. Legal forms

  2. Legal software

  3. A lawyer

  4. Information/articles on legal matters

Next, I assessed the current look & feel of the site, and observed that it was text-heavy and lacking visual interest and intrigue. Without many images to work with, the decision was made to build a more dynamic layout using geometry. 

The four main areas were placed above the fold, so a user can jump directly to the area of interest to them. 

Inspired by the off-balance scale in the NOLO logo, angles and asymmetry were built into the layout to give the otherwise unextravagant content a dynamic, fast-paced feel. A bright orange was chosen as an accent to the navy blue in the logo, creating lightness and promoting action. Circular icons were chosen to stand out against the sharp layout, and to echo the O’s in NOLO.






The Result

A vibrant and active layout that gives a seemingly daunting topic an inviting and exciting feel.