The Project

Create an infographic that communicates statistical data about Zorroa, a machine-learning asset management company for businesses.


The Process

To build an infographic, we need data. I began by browsing Zorroa.com and pulled the following 3 stats from the homepage:

  • 280 + Years: cumulative time in visual asset production, management, and creation

  • 400 Million: assets processed since 2017

  • 28 Billion Dollars: forecasted machine learning for visual application market by 2025

Before getting into the build phase, I further examined the website and gathered snippets of content that I believed speak to the philosophy of the company, as well as inspire the viewer to want to know more. When deciding on styling, I wanted to ensure brand consistency. In order to achieve this, I gathered color codes, logos, and fonts from the site. I also took note of the use of geometry and illustrative icons with intentions of incorporating those into the design as well.

After some rough sketching, I got to work building the marketing graphic.
Check out the timelapse of the design process below:


The Result